Bantu Knots or Zulu Knots

Bantu/Zulu Knots
To make the knots, begin by parting the hair at the nape of the neck into a 1x1 inch sections. The size of the sections will depend on your hair length and personal preference. Note that longer hair typically needs larger sections. The size and shape of the parts can vary from squares, to ovals, to polygons, the decision is up to you so be creative.

Take the hair from the section you've parted and twist it until it forms a firm coil. Begin wrapping the hair around itself in a circular manner. Secure it by tucking the end under the base of the knot. If you have shorter hair, you may need to secure it with a rubber band. Try to make sure the rubber band is not easily seen and do not wind it too tightly because it will be difficult to remove. Repeat on the next section.

Picture of woman with Zulu/Bantu KnotsMisting your hair with water or using non-alcoholic styling gel during the formation of your knots will give them a very polished appearance.

If you're working with twists, braids or


A hairstyle in which the hair naturally or through manipulation is encouraged to matte and form a cylindrical, rope-like pattern. Dreadlocks may take several months to well over a year to form and are considered a permanent style.

The term "Dread"locks has been regarded as negative by many. "Dread" refers to the "dreadful" appearance as regarded by racist entities. People who regard this term negatively prefer the terms "locks" or "locs" instead.'); return false">Dreadlocks
, the procedure is similar. Begin by gathering several twists; the number you link together will depend on how big you want your bantu knot. Braid/plait them together. Next twirl the plaited section into a coil, wrap it in a circular manner and tuck the end under the base of the knot.  Secure with a rubber band if necessary.

With braids, try misting them with water before you form the knot. Doing so will give your hair a wavy appearance once you take the knots down. For variation, do bantu/zulu knots on 1/4-1/3 of the front of your hair. Allow the remainder to flow free into an afro, braids, cornrows or wet-n-wavy style.

Photo Courtesy of Amazon Natural Look Salon - 1900 South Clark Street, Suite 103 - Chicago, IL 60616


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